NA Manifold Fuel Rail Adapters

NA Manifold Fuel Rail Adapters


Top Feed Fuel Rail Adapters

For WRX/STI NA Big Plenum Manifold Conversion

These fuel rail adapters (also included in our rotated manifold kit) enable the use of any aftermarket top feed fuel rails with top feed injectors that fit the 08+ WRX/STI with the EJ25 Big Plenum Long Runner manifold. This allows you to derive the flow rate benefits (equivalent to brand name manifolds costing $1400 USD) from using the OEM long runner manifold while still being able to use your aftermarket WRX/STI fuel rails.


These adapters are ideal for the enthusiast looking for the performance benefits of the long runner manifold without the additional gains that result from mounting it in the rotated orientation with Bolt-On Manifold Kit which requires the AC to be deleted.

                  Sold as a pair (2 brackets), these adapters are custom engineered from the ground up, ensuring the most accurate fit and highest strength. Designed with 3D CAD software and prototyped with 3D printing, the final product is CNC cut from a solid block of 6061 Aluminum, ensuring the highest accuracy, strength, and finish quality. You will not be disappointed with these beautifully machined, perfectly fitting and highly affordable adapters.

Comes with no hardware. Tools not included, professional installation recommended.

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