Rotated NA Manifold Kit

Rotated NA Manifold Kit



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Rotated NA Manifold Kit


A major shortfall of the WRX/STI EJ motor is the intake manifold. This is a result of two major issues: flow restriction and orientation. The flow rate of the stock WRX/STI manifold is lesser than that of those used on naturally aspirated Imprezas from 2008-(determine year) by roughly 10% when only considering the manifold itself and are restricted even further when the Tumble Generating Valves (TGVs) 

located between the manifold outlet and intake ports are considered. Further, with the throttle body facing the rear of the car there is the need for much more charge piping, this negatively impacts throttle response and therefore performance with greater losses and intermediate volume between the compressor outlet and intake manifold. 

The solution: using the EJ25 Big Plenum Long Runner manifold in a rotated orientation. This is very common among high horsepower Subarus such as record setting drag cars (White Bullet) and (another example), but until now it required custom fabrication; this is no longer the case. Symmetrical Autoworks has developed their own bolt-on Rotated N/A Manifold Kit to enable anyone to solve all of their intake manifold restriction issues simply, affordably, and aesthetically. 


Power VS Cost Comparison

Big plenum manifolds flow as much air as $1400USD aftermarket cast manifolds made by well-known manufacturers with more consistency from runner-runner but can be found in junk yards for a fraction of the cost and implemented with our highly affordable bolt-on kit.

On top of this, the long runner manifold eliminates the need to buy pricey TGV deletes which cost up to $500 USD; the intake manifold bolts right to the head surface without any obstructions in the flow stream. 


Each component is custom engineered from the ground up by our Mechanical Engineer. To ensure the most accurate fit and highest strength each design began in 3D CAD before each iteration was 3D printed and test fit to ensure perfect fitment. Every custom component is CNC cut from solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum, ensuring the highest accuracy, strength, and finish quality. You will not be disappointed with these beautifully machined pieces. 

Kit Includes

Full NA Manifold Relocation Kit

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