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The only complete dyno and tuning service for your Subaru on Canada's east coast


What is Symmetrical Autoworks?

Well, we're Atlantic provinces’ leader in Subaru performance, tuning, and repairs, and we have over 10 years of experience modifying the AWD platform.

We also upgraded our facility, now operating out of a 3200ft garage space, complete with 3 hoists, tire mounters & balancers, and most notably, the only commercial AWD dyno on the eastern side of Canada

We're also one of the few companies offering EJ motor build services, and we design our own custom engineered performance parts in house!



Who We Are

The Symmetrical Autoworks Team

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John Paynter

If you own a Subaru, modified or not, it’s likely you’ve heard of John Paynter. John has been maintaining and modifying Subarus for over 10 years, inheriting the love for performance Subarus from his father John Paynter Sr. who piloted rally cars for Subaru Canada. Over the years John has become an expert on all things Subaru, from maintenance and light modifications all the way to motor builds and drivetrain swaps. Whether it’s a small maintenance item, or an 800 horsepower performance build, John has been there and done that.




It's a point of pride that we've got the only commercially available AWD dyno in eastern Canada. In our shop is a load-holding AWD Dynocom dyno with all the features needed to assess realistic power figures at the wheels of any 2WD or AWD vehicle.

At present, we offer four types of services to our customers:


📈Dyno Power Runs

We offer Power Runs on our dyno at a rate of $75. In this process we will put your car on the dyno, do three full-throttle runs and present you with the final Torque/Power data so that you know exactly what your car is capable of. 


🔩Engine Builds

We’ve got you covered whether it's an engine build simply to get an A to B car back on the road, or a top to bottom motor build for a high horsepower street or race car. Our team has years of experience building the iconic Subaru EJ motor, with over 50 motors  built and installed in customer cars without failure. 


📊Dyno Tuning

We offer comprehensive dyno tuning for many stock and aftermarket ECU platforms. Dyno tuning starts at $300 for mild tunes and increases accordingly with added complexity. 


⚙️Repairs & Maintenance

We do work that dealerships simply will not, and we do it for a fraction of the cost. From oil changes and tire mounting/balancing, to brake jobs and head gasket replacements, we’ll be able to keep your vehicle in tip-top working condition. Symmetrical Autoworks is an expert in vehicle maintenance and repairs, especially when it comes to Subarus. Staff with over 10 years of experience maintaining and repairing Subarus are ready to work on your vehicle at an affordable rate.


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