John Payner


FOUNDER & Lead mechanic

If you own a Subaru, modified or not, it’s likely you’ve heard of John Paynter. John has been maintaining and modifying Subarus for over 10 years, inheriting the love for performance Subarus from his father John Paynter Sr. who piloted rally cars for Subaru Canada.

Over the years John has become an expert on all things Subaru, from maintenance and light modifications all the way to motor builds and drivetrain swaps. Whether it’s a small maintenance item, or an 800 horsepower performance build, John has been there and done that.

john small.jpg

John's STI Swapped 2006 2.5i

- Full STI drivetrain

- Built EJ25

- Rotated Garrett GT3582R

- Methanol injection

- CarBerry full time speed density tune (in house)

- Est. 500whp @ 29psi



Our Vehicles

Here are some builds completed either for ourselves or customers that we're especially proud of

20170805_170303 two.jpg

David's 2004 WRX

- Built EJ25 swap

- JDM Ver7 STI 6 speed swap

- VF52 IHI Turbo

- Methanol injection


- Hybrid MAF/Speed Density COBB protune (in house)

- 360whp/400wtq @ 24psi

dave black andwhite.jpg

AdamSimon (8).jpg

Adam's 2012 STI


- Sleeved closed deck bored to 2.5L

- Fully built longblock

- Rotated Borg Warner S366

- Rotated NA long runner manifold w/ our custom kit (contact for details)

- DW2200cc injectors

- Methanol injection

- Full time COBB speed density protune (in-house)

- Est. 600whp@ 30psi (40psi coming soon)

AdamSimon (3).jpg
AdamSimon (10).jpg