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The only commercially available AWD dyno in eastern Canada 



Symmetrical Autoworks is proud to have the only commercially available AWD dyno in eastern Canada; in shop is a load-holding AWD Dynocom dyno with all the features needed to assess realistic power figures at the wheels of any 2WD or AWD vehicle. 


📈 Sub-Service: Dyno Power Runs

Whether you have a bone stock car, or you’ve modified your car to increase power output, it’s you can never know how much power is making it to the ground where it counts unless you measure it with a dynamometer. Power output at the engine’s crankshaft vs that which is applied to the ground by the wheels can vary by up to 25%, depending on the features of the driveline. “Wheel Horsepower” is always lower than “Crank Horsepower” due to frictional and elastic losses between the engine and the wheels. This means that if your car produces 400hp at the crank, it is possible that only 300 of that is making it to the wheels. 

We offer Power Runs on our dyno at a rate of $75. In this process we will put your car on the dyno, do three full-throttle runs and present you with the final Torque/Power data so that you know exactly what your car is capable of. 




📊 Sub-Service: Dyno Tuning

We offer comprehensive dyno tuning for many stock and aftermarket ECU platforms. With years of tuning experience, from mild tunes for bolt on components to aggressive tunes for 600hp+ builds, we have the expertise and knowledge to comprehensively tune your vehicle to suit your needs. 

Dyno tuning starts at $300 for mild tunes and increases accordingly with added complexity. Before tuning a full mechanical systems check must be completed by our team to ensure that everything is in working order; mechanical problems cannot be fixed with tuning! 

Once completed we will work hard to tune your vehicle as desired, extracting everything we can from your car in a reliable, safe manner. 






Whether it be an engine build simply to get an A to B car back on the road, a preventative measure against unwelcome future failures, or a top to bottom motor build for a high horsepower street or race car we’ve got you covered. Symmetrical Autoworks has years of experience building the iconic Subaru EJ motor, over 50 motors have been built and installed in customer cars without failure. 

The EJ motor has its weak points, but experience has taught us where these weak points are and how to remedy them. Most have heard jokes about flawed head gaskets, ringlands and bearings, while these can be issues for EJ motors from the factory we know how to mitigate future issues in these areas, creating a highly reliable powerplant. 

We also offer pre-built shortblocks (block halves, rotating assembly) for purchase. These shortblocks are built in house with our tried and tested formula. Made from all new parts, each of which is checked for integrity, then assembled in our contaminant-free engine-assembly room with every clearance set to manufacturer specifications, you can be assured that you are getting the absolute highest quality shortblock capable of 600hp at the motor. 




We do work that dealerships simply will not, and we do it for a fraction of the cost. From oil changes and tire mounting/balancing, to brake jobs and head gasket replacements, we’ll be able to keep your vehicle in tip-top working condition. Symmetrical Autoworks is an expert in vehicle maintenance and repairs, especially when it comes to Subarus. Staff with over 10 years of experience maintaining and repairing Subarus are ready to work on your vehicle at an affordable rate.



“Subaru will dominate all.”

John PaynTer  |  Subaru Mechanic for 10 years